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Abbreviation Definition Info
1LS/2LS/3LS 1st, 2nd or 3rd Line Support
102PF 102 Petty France London headquarters of the Ministry of Justice
A&O Accommodation and Occupancy (also known as *AO*) An table of data, extracted from the NOMIS database providing a row per prisoner, including basic personal details and their location
A2J Access to Justice
AA Administrative Assistants in context of PVB
AAC Administrative Appeals Court
Acas Advisory, Conciliation and Arbitration Service (Note: only an initial cap.) Aims to prevent and resolve employment disputes prior to employment tribunals.
ACCT Assessment, care in custody and teamwork self-harm monitoring documentation
ACL Access Control List
ACPO Association of Chief Police Officers
AD Active Directory
ADA Added Days Awarded Days that are added to an offenders release date following an adjudication
ADI Application Desktop Integrator Spreadsheet containing total disbursement of a prison, sent from business hub to regional accounts team.#moneyToPrisoners
Admin 4 database An Excel file that has Police Station & Mags Court schemes on
ADP Advocate Defence Payments One of our projects for the Legal Aid Agency. where advocates (solicitors) can submit invoices for work done for legal aid work.Used to be known as CBO/Crime Billing Online
ADR Alternative dispute resolution
ADR Architectural design record
AEP Accelerated Encryption Processing
AFK Away From Keyboard
AGFS Advocate Gradual Fees Scheme Fee scheme available to Barristers who work on Crown Court cases
AIS Acceptance Into Service
AJTC Administrative Justice Tribunals Council
ALB Arm's-length body An organisation that pretends it's independent from government, even though it's not, really.With apostrophe and hyphen when spelled out in full.
Alfresco A document management system. Used by the courts
ALS Action Learning Set
AMI Amazon Machine Image
AO Accommodation and Occupancy (also known as *A&O*)
AO Accounting Officer Each organisation in central government must have an Accounting Officer, which is usually the senior official in the organisation.Accounting Officers must be able to assure Parliament and the public of high standards of probity in the management of public funds.The Treasury maintains policy oversight throughout. Departments and organisations should notify the Treasury Officer of Accounts, in advance, of any changes to Accounting Officer designations. There should be no gap between one Accounting Officer leaving and another being appointed.
AO Administrative Officer
AOB Any Other Business
AP Approved Premises
APD Approved Parole Date
API Application Programming Interface
APPG All Party Parliamentary Group APPGs are informal cross-party groups that have no official status within Parliament. They are run by and for Members of the Commons and Lords, though many choose to involve individuals and organisations from outside Parliament in their administration and activities.
APVS Assisted Prison Visit Scheme Also known as HWPV (Help With Prison Visits)
APVU Assisted Prison Visits Unit A call centre for prison visits for 8 prisons in the west midlands.
ARD Automatic Release Date
ASPIRE Assess – Sentence Plan – Implement – Review – Evaluate This is the core framework of offender management / sentence planning
Asset Youth Justice Board assessment documentation for young people
ARMS Active Risk Management System
AT Assisted Technology
ATIA Architecture, Technology and Information Assurance A former unit inside MOJ ICT
ATM At The Moment
ATOS Multinational Company - often involved in consultancy or healthcare See URL
AWS Amazon Web Services
BAFO Best And Final Offer
BAU Business As Usual
BBA Big Book of Acronyms The thing you're reading right now.
BBR Building Better Relationships An intervention programme for adult male offenders who have been violent in heterosexual relationships
BCS Basic Custody Screening
BCST Basic Custody Screening Tool
BDG Business Development Group
BI Business Intelligence
BIA Business Impact Assessment An assessment template/matrix used by a business owner to determine impact levels of data / systems that they own. Questions like "how many people will be affected if your data is unavailable for a day".
BIAR Business Intelligence ARchive 'Basically a proprietary zip file used to move Business Intelligence content from one BusinessObjects Enterprise Server to another'
BIL# Business Impact Level [number] Often pronounced "aisle two", "aisle zero" etc.Information has an impact level, not a whole system. eg p-Nomis is IL3 is wrong.specific information about prisoners will have business impact 3 if made publicAll revised with the new Official criteria
BIP Business Intelligence Platform
BIS Department for Business Innovation & Skills
BNM Becoming New Me General offending programme – thinking skills programme for those with learning disability
BOP Bring on Potential Education and Learning gained inside are recorded in BOP, which is available ‘through the gate’. Part of ILP (Individual Learning Plan)
BOTUS Breach of Top Up Supervision Info
BPSS Baseline Personnel Security Standard The minimum level of clearance for someone working in the Civil Service.
BPG ??? A digital gateway service that links nDelius to CRC systems(Not sure if this is a typo of SPG?)
BRB Be Right Back
BSR Building Skills for Recovery Substance misuse programme
BWVC Body Worn Video Camera
C&R Control & Restraint Prison
CA Case Admin
CAB Citizen's Advice Bureaux Charity, funded largely by central and local government, that provides a one-stop non-specialist advice on many different issues.They have their own triage process on the front desk, which will help you get an appointment - possibly a fortnight away.Some are first-come-first-served, so there are big queues outside each morning.
CAFCASS Children and Family Court Advisory and Support Service
CAIT Child Abuse Investigation Team
CAIT Child Arrangements Information Tool Information resources to help separating couples make arrangements (custody, etc.) for their children.
can denotes both capability and possibility Formal term from UK Government Orange Book: Management of Risk - Principles and Concepts.
CARAT Counselling, Assessment, Referral, Advice, Throughcare CARAT workers are intermediaries between drug treatments providers and the prisoners themselves
CAS Case Allocation System Used after sentencing to assign offender as NPS or CRC
CATS Case Assessment and Tracking System .NET application written and used by CFO at Daresbury Park in Warrington for managing ESF funded projects
CBO crime billing online
CCBC County Court Bulk Centre Set up by HM Courts & Tribunals Service specifically to deal with straightforward debt collection work which, in the main, is undefended. In Northampton.
CCCD Claim for Crown Court Defence Legal Aid Agency project where advocates (solicitors) can submit invoices for work done for legal aid work. Project formerly known as ADPproject formerly known as CBO
CCLF Crown Court Litigator Fee LAA web app that manages LGFS (Litigators Graduated Fee Scheme) claims.
CCM Commercial Contract Management
CCMCC County Court Money Claims Centre
CCMD Commercial and Contract Management Directorate
CCMS Client Cost Management System LAA ERP app to replace CIS, including financial modules to manage the LAA fund. Covers all civil certificated work (i.e. civil legal representation). Allows providers to make online legal aid applications and manage cases. Allows providers and advocates to submit bills online. Allows providers and advocates to scan and upload supporting documents electronically. Allows clients to pay us in new ways, such as credit and debit cards, payment reference cards and via direct debit. CCMS has been mandatory for all civil case types since 1 April 2016. In addition, Acts as the financial accounting system of reference for LAA General Ledger, Accounts Paytable, Accounts Receivable and is the system that actually makes payments to providers, and manages interactions with 3rd party Debt Recovery for CCMS cases.
CCO Call Centre Officer Call centre officer of DSCC
CCR Crown Court Remuneration LAA web app that manages AGFC (Advocate Gradual Fee Scheme) claims. Feeds into LAA data warehouse.
CCRC Criminal Cases Review Commission
CCRN Court Case Reference Number This is a unique reference number assigned to a new occurrence of a court case created on PNC. The CCRN is held by CJSE but may not be held by court systems relevant to all court types and may be used to identify cases in civil crown magistrates courts etc. Will be held in CJSE sent from Police Case systems.
CCS Crown Commercial Service
CDA Court data adaptor
CDC Change Data Capture
CDC Change Directorate Committee
CDCS Change Data Capture Staging LAA Oracle database for capturing data from remote databases.Receives data from CCMS which it captures within CDCS and then pulls the relevant information in to EDW.
CDD Criminal Defence Direct Telephone adviser run by a few provides. New tendering process will be started and new structure and providers will be in place in April 2016.
CDE Common Data Extract A report of all offenders in NOMIS with lots of data about them. Also known as ‘offloc’ (offender location report). The CDE is used to transfer offender data to other NOMS/MOJ systems (like Mercury) and to other agencies (like the police).
CDO Chief Digital Officer
CDT Central Drafting Team In referance to ministerial correspondence
CEMLI Configuration, Extension, Modification, Localisation and Integration
CEO Court enforcement officer
CESG Communications-Electronics Security Group Part of GCHQ (spies and stuff) up in Cheltenham, they provide policy and assistance on digital security. Run IA and the impact levels etc.
CFE Check Financial Eligibility A non-user facing service which calculates an applicant’s financial eligibility using data entered through Apply. This includes information on an applicant’s income and outgoings, and calculations include a range of different things in accordance with legal aid regulation based on what information is entered.
CFO Co-Financing Organisation The name of a group within HMPPS who manage external funding (such as that from the ESF). Offices located in Daresbury Warrington.
CFT Civil, Family and Tribunals The name of a directorate in HMCTS.
CGI Conseillers en Gestion et Informatique CGI stands for Conseillers en Gestion et Informatique in French, which translates to 'Information Systems and Management Consultants', in English. However, the official English meaning is 'Consultants to Government and Industry'.The company was formerly known as Logica, and designed the current (as of 19 April 2013) infrastructure for Money Claim Online and Possession Claim Online.Can also stand for 'computer-generated imagery'.
CHAPS Correspondence Handling And Processing System
CHS Case Handling System Set of applications used by the Civil Legal Aid Operator Contact Centre and Specialist Legal Providers to manage Civil Legal Aid cases opened by members of the public in England and Wales.
CICA Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority "We deal with compensation claims from people who have been physically or mentally injured because they were the victim of a violent crime in England, Scotland or Wales."
CIS Corporate Information System LAA thick client app for legacy legal aid case management. It handles legacy cases for civil certificated work (i.e. civil representation) Internal system only (no provider facing functions). Also used for other work unrelated to civil and family certificated work. Intention is to decommission this system when it is practical.
CJG Criminal Justice Group
CJS Criminal justice system An expression that covers the delivery of justice in relation to crime, across multiple organisations. Includes the likes of: law enforcement, lawyers, CPS, courts, prisons and probation. See also https://www.cps.gov.uk/about-cps/criminal-justice-system. Style guide: it's not really a proper noun, so don't use caps. Never abbreviate.
CJSE Criminal Justice Secure Exchange Related to CJSM, this is a pipe for sending data and files (rather than email) between police, CPS and courts. Often used for submitting cases to be prosecuted, and the charging decisions leading up to them.It supports a few standards:(1) EXISS is a one-way interface. If the case is duff, CPS have to phone/email Police to give feedback and get it sent again.(2) TWIF/EXISS2 is a two-way interface which allows CPS to send secure messages back.TWIF supports charging decisions being sent as structured data. Most other documents are sent as a set of Word docs or PDFs.Digital Case File is a standard devised by CPS for sending the contents of the various case forms as structured data rather than word docs, hidden as a JSON payload alongside other documents being transferred anyway. Ultimately the 'sending' part will be replaced by publishing and permissions.
CJSM Criminal Justice Secure Mail A secure email platform, used for conveying sensitive information between users in organizations across the criminal justice system. In addition, the security assurance process drives up security standards across the sector.
CJX Criminal justice eXtranet links police pnn network to other govt networks
CLA Civil Legal Advice CLA is a service provided to the general public in England and Wales where users can obtain free legal advice from specialist legal providers relating to a range of Civil matters. This is subject to the user’s matter being within scope of the service and the user passing the means eligibility test. The advice can either be given via telephone or in person depending upon the client’s unique circumstances.
CLA Civil Legal Aid
CM Custodial Manager A Band 5 prison officer. 3 stripes on their epaulettes
CMAC Court Martial Appeals Court
CNA certified normal accommodation Relating to prison capacity: "the good, decent standard of accommodation that the service aspires to provide all prisoners"
COBR Cabinet Office Briefing Room
COACD Court of Appeal Criminal Division
CoCo Code of Connection Usually associated with the PSN. An agreed standard ('code') for network communication.
Cohort, ‘Specialised Cohort’ Prisoners who are higher risk and are assigned to Key Worker and a Prison Offender Manager (POM)
Cohort, ‘Core Cohort’ Prisoners who are lower risk and assigned to a Key Worker and CRC
COM Community Offender Managers A role within the National Probation Service
COPs Contracted Out Prisons Privately run establishments
COTS Commercial off-the-shelf software; as opposed to custom build
CP Common Platform Service provided by HMCTS, used by LAA to find criminal hearing information
CP Cloud Platform The MoJ Cloud Platform is a modern hosting platform for digital services
CPA Contract Package Area Refers to the geographic area a CRC is responsible for
CPM Child Protection Management
CPO Chief Probation Officer
CPO Community Probation Officer
CPP common platform project
CPR Civil Procedure Rules
CPR Criminal Procedure Rules
CPS Crown Prosecution Service The organisation that is responsible for providing the prosecution in criminal cases in England and Wales.
CR Change Request
CRC Community Rehabilitation Company Organisations that will deliver probation services from 2014, replacing probation trusts.
CRD Conditional Release Date
CRED Civil Representation Expenditure Data Warehouse MI system holding civil case expenditure data extracted from CIS.CRED data is held in the EDW database - STAGEX schema owns the code and staging tables, FED schema owns the warehouse tables.
CRM12 An Excel form to apply to Rota. A spread sheet that contains solicitors information * All crime forms in LAA are called CRM
CRN Case Reference Number The number assigned to a offender in nDelius - the word case is misleading
CRO Community Responsible Officer Equivalent of a Community Offender Manager but in CRCs
CRO criminal records office unique number once convicted (police)
CRP Conference Room Pilot
CRS Commissioned Rehabilitative Services Rehabilitation and resettlement interventions procured through the Dynamic Framework - the mechanism to procure rehabilitation and resettlement interventions in regional areas
CSC Close Supervision Centre Also known as Segregation unit, Seg, Solitary Confinement & SCU
CSG Corporate Services Group Part of MOJ led by director general Matthew Coats which includes Estates, ICT, HR, Shared Services and Digital Services.
CSIP Challenge Support Intervention Plan
CSL Civil Service Learning Training courses for civil servants.
CSR Civil Service Resourcing The previous name for the Government Recruitment Service (GRS)
CSR Corporate Staff Rostering A system used in prisons to detail staff. Also known as My Detail or InVision WFM
CSRA Cell Share Risk Assessment This is a priority assessment done when prisoners are received at prison, to ensure risks are reduced to them and others on their first night and beyond
CTC Counter Terrorism Clearance a security clearance level, as seen in the Tech Scorecard : "Anyone with administrative or operational access to production systems... has CTC-level clearance"
CTS Core Technology Services team
CTSA2021 Counter Terrorism and Sentencing Act 2021
Custody Assistant subcontracted staff in custody
Custody Officer police staff
CVCC Court Video Conference Centre
CWA Contracted Work and Administration LAA web app for managing providers and their contracted work. Billing system (for civil legal help and crime lower) that contains all provider contracts and schedules. Enables commissioning teams to manage their providers’ contracts and schedules. Is provider facing. Interfaces with CCMS to supply 'master record of the truth' of provider contract and contact details. Also does work in provisioning new provider user details to CCMS.
CWX Civil debt recovery service. Legacy debt management app, hosted external.
D.Y.O. Deter Young Cohort Offender
DAC Digital Accessibility Centre A org who do accessibility testing and consultancy on digital services
DACU Data Access and Compliance Unit
DAL Delegation Authority Letter A document indicating that the bearer has authority to delegate responsibility for a government bank account to SSCL.
DARTS Digital Audio Recording and Transcription Service System for recording courts and allowing transcription agencies to listen to and upload transcriptions.
DARU Data Assurance Reporting Unit
DASD Data & Analytical Services Division
DASO Domestic Abuse Safety Officers Domestic Abuse Safety Officers (DASOs) are embedded as part of regional Interventions teams within the Probation Service. DASOs support victims of domestic abuse once the perpetrator has been sentenced at court to participate in a Building Better Relationships accredited programme, as a condition attached to their Probation Order. DASOs provide a vital service to their clients, including any new partners who may be at risk, and work collaboratively with Probation practitioners and agencies to promote safety and manage risk. The DASO team have recently undergone a change in role title to better reflect the nature of their work; having been known previously as Partner Link Workers.
DBS Defence Business Services
DBS Disclosure and Barring Service Organisation that maintains records and helps determine if someone should be prevented from working in a regulated activity, for example working with children.
DCA Department for Constitutional Affairs Became MOJ when joined with NOMS in 2007.
DCF Digital Case File An attempt at creating end-to-end digital/modern justice system from Police -> Crown Prosecution Service -> Courts -> Prisons -> Probation
DD Deputy Director
DDaT Digital, Data and Technology
DDC deputy director of custody regional responsibilty for a group of prisons
DDC Deputy Director of Custody
DDC Digital Document Conversion
DFD Data Flow Diagram
DIB Divisional Implementation Board
DIC death in custody
Dip sampling A quality control process used by police forces in which a representative proportion of files are selected and inspected
DISC Development, Innovation and Support Contracts Shared services framework - Atos (infrastructure), CGI (formerly LogicaCMG - applications) supporting Dom1.http://www.publictechnology.net/sector/case-study-ministry-justice-disc-transition-team-successful-transition-it-services-six-existi
DIWG Data Integrity Working Group Looking at data and/or recording issues in Probation
DOM1/Dom1 Domain 1 End-user compute and networking solution
DPA Data Protection Act
DPRRD Detention Post Recall Release Date
DPS Digital Prison Services Previously known as 'New NOMIS'
DPR Digital Prison Reporting
DPS Dynamic Purchasing System Not unique to MoJ - it's a way that Governors can purchase additional education or work provision on site, outside of the standard education contracts. Some stakeholders may be more familiar with this definition of DPS rather than 'Digital Prison Services'
DR Defence Request Formally DSDS.
DR Disaster Recovery
DRY Don't Repeat Yourself Often "DRY-ed". Removing duplication in code.
DS Digital Services MOJ Digital Services (formally DSD)
DSA Data Sharing Agreement
DSA Data Standards Authority The DSA works to improve how the public sector manages data. The DSA does this by establishing standards to make it easier and more effective to share and use data across government.
DSCC Defence Solicitor Call Centre The call centre service that police use to provide a solicitor for people in custody.
DSD Digital Service Designers
DSD Digital Services Division Now obsolete. Please refer to 'Digital Services' (without the 'Division') or 'MOJ Digital Services'.
DSDS Defence Solicitor Deployment Service
DSF Digital Services Framework A framework for procuring software development teams across government
DSG Digital Steering Group
DSO Defence & Security Organisation
DSO Digital Studio Operations Slack Channel - #ask-digital-studio-ops
DSS Data Security Standard An accreditation for handling credit/debit cards managed by Payment Card Industry (PCI).
DTO Detention Training Order
DTRG Digital Technology Review Group
DV Developed Vetting Level of Security Clearance
DV Domestic Violence
DWP Department for Work and Pensions Government organisation - administrates ESF budget ellocation
DX Document Exchange DX, or Direct Exchange, is a private business-to-business mail and packaging network in the United Kingdom. Direct Exchange is cheaper than standard first class mail. Subscriptions are necessary to use this service.
DYOI Detention in a Young Offender Institution
EAT Employment Appeal Tribunal
EBS CCMS's E-Business Suite Part of CCMS
ECS Elastic Container Service
ECL End of Custody Licence A scheme within Prison Service between 2007 and 2010 to help alleviate pressures on prison population. Offenders who were eligible could be released early from custody 18 days before their release date
EDR Earliest Date of Release
EDRMS Electronic Documents and Record Management System Also known as NorthgateLAA's externally hosted document/record management system, used by CCMS.
EDS Extended Determinate Sentence
EDS100 Extended Determinate Sentence imposed for certain Terrorism Offences
EDW Enterprise Data Warehouse Management Information data warehouse. Holds data from many LAA applications.
EFE Estimate Financial Eligibility An example is LAA estimate financial eligibility for legal aid
EM Electronic Monitoring (Also known as 'tagging') is the practice of attaching a tag to someone's ankle, used in England and Wales to monitor curfews and conditions of a court or prison order.
EMAP Email a Prisoner
EMED Electronic Monitoring Eligibility Date
EMI Electronic Management Information LAA web app that allows LAA to share MI data with providers. Currently used for financial statement.
EPICK Event, Problem, Incident, Continual Service Improvement and Knowledge Team
EQUIP Excellence and Quality in Probation Processes
ERP Enterprise Resource Planning
ERS Early Removal Scheme
ERSED Early Removal Scheme Eligibility Date
ESED Effective Sentence End Date
ESF European Social Fund Provides funding via the CFO to provide additional services to offenders
ESL Effective Sentence Length Representation of sentence length as a single period term
ESPP Extended Sentence for Public Protection
ET Employment Tribunal Also stands for 'E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial', a 1982 sci-fi movie about a loveable alien.
ETD Early Transfer Date for Detention and Training Orders (DTO)
ETE Education, Training & Employment
ETL Extract, Transform & Load
ETS Enhanced Thinking Skills A course that prisoner can do to to address the attitudes and thought patterns that may of contributed to their offending
ExCo Executive Comity Board Permanent Secutary and Director Generals (6 of).
EXISS Exchange Integration Services Stream
Extradition only registered solicitor can go
F2050 prisoner core record protected characteristics and case information
FALA Find a legal advisor Public-facing service that allows people to find a legal advisor who holds a contract with the LAA
FCA Financial Conduct Authority The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) is a financial regulatory body in the United Kingdom, but operates independently of the United Kingdom government, and is financed by charging fees to members of the financial services industry.
FCO Foreign and Commonwealth Office
FCOS Foreign and Commonwealth Office Services A trading fund of the FCO. Providers of IL2 and IL3 web hosting
FITS Future IT Sourcing Programme or is the S 'sourcing'? Yes
FLO Family Liaison Officer
FMB Functional Mailbox
FMI Five Minute Intervention Prisons
FNC First Night Centre Prisons
FNP Foreign National Prison or Foreign National Prisoner Prisons
FOI Freedom Of Information
FPMF FITS Programme Management Framework This was part of the overall governance framework for FITS.
FPRC Family Procedure Rules Committee The Family Procedure Rule Committee (FPRC) makes rules of court that govern the practice and procedure followed in family proceedings in the High Court and family court.FPRC is an advisory non-departmental public body, sponsored by the Ministry of Justice.
FRPS Financial Resources and Payment for Services
FTR Fixed Term Recall
FTW For The Win
GAL Global Address List
GBS Government Banking Service
GDS Government Digital Service
GIRR Government Information Risk Return
GL General ledger
GLiMR Generalised Listing, Management & Registration GLiMR is a Generalised Listing, Management & Registration multi-jurisdiction Case Management system used by several MoJ sites situated throughout England and Wales, and as well as being accessed by both MoJ/HMCTS staff has a public facing website that feeds directly to the GLiMR Database.
GPC Government Procurement Card Like a credit card, but with additional public sector controls etc. Divisions can use it for small purchases.
GRS Government Recruitment Service The organisation that manages recruitment campaigns, ensuring open and fair competition. Previously known as Civil Service Resourcing.
GSCPP Government Security Centre People and Physical
GSI Government Secure Intranet
GWS Government Wide Service
HCC Health Care Centre NHS facility in a prison
HDC Home Detention Curfew
HDCAD Home Detention Curfew Approved Date
HDCED Home Detention Curfew Eligibility Date
HMCS Her Majesty's Courts Service See HMCTS
HMCTS Her Majesty's Courts and Tribunals Service They prefer ampersand (&) to avoid CATS acronymmiaowPreviously known as Her Majesty's Courts Service before it merged with Tribunals to become HMCTS
HMG Her Majesty's Government
HMIP Her Majesty's Inspectorate of Prisons Thematic reviews. Also conduct unanounced prison inspections.
HMPPS HM Prison and Probation Service
HO Home Office Department responsible for the police, UK Border Agency, and the Security Service (MI5).
HOIT Home Office IT
HOMD Head of Offender Management Delivery An individual who can assign POMs to offenders
HPA Historic Prisoner Application When IIS (Inmate Information System - the precursor to Prison-NOMIS) was decommissioned, the data was archived into HPA
HSE high security estate prison use
HSE High Security Estate The highest level of prison, eg Belmarsh.Could also be Health and Safety Executive, so avoid acronym.
HTA Hierarchical Task Analysis
HWF Help with Fees The service formerly known as Fee Remission.Two parts, public and staff facing
HWPV Help With Prison Visits Also known as APVS (Assisted Prison Visit Scheme)
IA immigration and asylum As in 'Immigration and Asylum Tribunal'.
IA Independent Adjudicator The person who makes Adjudication decisions. IA could also refer to Information Assurance,
IA Information Architecture IA could also refer to Information Assurance, Information Architecture or immigration and asylum so confusing acronym.
IA Information Assurance as used by MOJ ICT.
IAC Immigration and Asylum Chamber
IAO Information Asset Owner Somewhat of an equivalent to a SIRO - related to information security / accreditation
IAR Information Access Representative Admin staff based at a prison to collect information for a SAR
ICA Initial Categorisation Assessment
IDA identity assurance Verifying digitally who someone is. There is a programme currently running (Jan 2014) in Government Digital Service, known as 'IDAP' which is implementing a way to verify the identity of citizens and business digitally so they can use government services online.
IDAM identity access management approach The approach initially taken by the common platform programme, for applications like Rota. They are now moving to use the GDS created identity system IDAP
IDAP Government Digital Service's identity assurance programme
IDPC Used in Defence request
IDS Intrusion Detection System An intrusion detection system (IDS) is a device or software application that monitors a network or systems for malicious activity or policy violations.
IDTS Integrated Drug and Treatment System Reception - Unit for prisoners detoxing from drugs and/or alcohol
IEP Incentive/Earned Privilege (level)
IFS Interim financial system
IICSA Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse
IIS Inmate Information System The precursor to Prison-NOMIS. IIS has now been decommissioned, and data archived into HPA (Historic Prisoner Application)
IL# Impact Levels [number] Shorthand for BIL#Information has an impact level, not a whole system. eg p-Nomis is IL3 is wrong.specific information about prisoners will have business impact 3 if made publicAll revised with the new Official criteria
ILP Individual Learning Plan
IMA Independent Monitoring Authority Responsible for monitoring EU nationals post-Brexit
IMB Independent Monitoring Board Part of Prisons service
IMS Intelligent Management Service
Interventions Manager A system that records prisons interventions services
Interventions This term in the prison system means courses that prisoners can attend that address behaviour such as drug misuse, domestic violence, etc
InVision A system used in prisons to detail staff. Also known as CSR (Corporate Staff Rostering) or My Detail
IOD Information Operations Division The Information Operations Division are responsible for:- Records Management - Managing the department's corporate record- FOI Act compliance - Ensuring FOI requests are dealt with in accordance with the Act.- Knowledge & Information Mgr - Building good Information Management and Knowledge Sharing- Information Assurance - Building Information Assurance against HMG mandated standards and developing a culture of good information handling- Data Protection Act Compliance - Ensuring personal data is handled lawfully / securely and that privacy is maintained
IPV Intimate Partner Violence
IR Intelligence Report A method of reporting intelligence information to the Security department via the Mercury system (generally done electronically, but paper versions are available to those without computer access)
IRaT Incident Response and Tuning Live product support at MoJ Digital.
IRC Immigration Removal Centre
IRS Incident Reporting System
is/are denotes a description Formal term from UK Government Orange Book: Management of Risk - Principles and Concepts.
ISP Indeterminate Sentence Prisoner
ISSS Information and System Support Services
ITA Internation Trade Advisor 3rd party advisors contracted with UKTI offering business around business development.
ITHC IT Healthcheck Penetration and security testing for services before they are released for public consumption. The ITHC must normally be re-done for each major system change - adding new external API lookups to a previously secure system, for example. Services are not considered 'live' or 'accepted into service' until the ITHC has been completed. Partial ITHCs exist, where a service already passed ITHC and a focussed change has been made.
ITIL ITIL, formerly[1] an acronym for Information Technology Infrastructure Library, is a set of detailed practices for IT service management (ITSM) that focuses on aligning IT services with the needs of business.
ITN Invitation to negotiate Confusing acronym - as more commonly used for Independent Television News.
IWP Integrated Word Processor Used within classic Prison-NOMIS Application. Template documents that pull data through from the database. Examples include case management documentation and release licences
JAC Judicial Appointments Commission
JC Justices' clerk Legally-trained member of staff in a magistrates' court, who advises the mags (who are volunteers) on tricky questions about the law.
JES Job Evaluation Scheme
JHA Justice and Home Affairs One of the policy areas of the Council of the European Union
JISL Judicially Imposed Sentence Length NOMIS internal representation of sentence length as a single period term
JR Judicial Review Judicial review is a type of court proceeding in which a judge reviews the lawfulness of a decision or action made by a public body.
JS JavaScript Computer code used predominantly in Web browsers to provide enhance user interaction.
JS Jury Summons
JSC Justice Select Committee
JSON JavaScript Object Notation A simple, lightweight data format.
KBD Key Business Decisions
Key Traka See: Traka
KILO Knowledge and Information Liaison Officer Responsible person/people in a team/department for responding to Freedom of Information Act requests.
KML Keyhole Markup Language
KPI Key Performance Indicators
KSF Keep Separate From Used on a PER (Person Escort Record)
KW Key Worker
L&D Learning & Development
LAA Legal Aid Agency The new LSC
LAALAA Legal Aid Agency Legal Adviser API API for finding Legal Providers for specific categories of law close to a physical location (postcode or address).
LAPG Legal Aid Practitioners Group A membership organization representing legal aid providers/practitioners - lawyers, barristers etc. MOJ has a history of engaging with them on legal aid policy and practicalities.
LASPO Legal Aid, Sentencing and Punishment of Offenders Act 2012 Essentially this act 'reformed' the scope of what legal aid was available for (decreased the scope). When talking to subject matter experts at the level of granting legal aid funding, you may hear reference to phrases such 'Schedule 1' of the act, which describes what cases are 'in scope' or 'out of scope' for legal aid. LASPO gave rise to the need for Exceptional Case Funding (ECF) to ensure that human rights were not breached by cutting the scope of legal aid
LASPOA2012 Legal Aid, Sentencing and Punishment of Offenders Act 2012 Essentially this act 'reformed' the scope of what legal aid was available for (decreased the scope). When talking to subject matter experts at the level of granting legal aid funding, you may hear reference to phrases such 'Schedule 1' of the act, which describes what cases are 'in scope' or 'out of scope' for legal aid. LASPO gave rise to the need for Exceptional Case Funding (ECF) to ensure that human rights were not breached by cutting the scope of legal aid
LBs Living Blocks
LDD Learning Difficulties and Disabilities
LDO Like, Duh!... Obviously!
LDU Local Delivery Unit Probation
LED Licence Expiry Date
LEDS Law Enforcement Data Service
LFW Legal Framework Reference data used in civil legal aid. It's a bunch of interlinked spreadsheets and it's used by CCMS.
LGFS Litigators Graduated Fees Scheme Fee scheme available to Solicitors who work on Crown Court cases
LIBRA Case management system used by Magistrate Courts only to record case details, hearing dates, applicant details etc. Note that this system is not used by Crown Courts.
LIDS Local Inmate Data System Prison-wide computer system to log details of all prisoners and their sentences. Has been replaced by NOMIS.
LiPs Litigants in Persons People at court without a professional representative.
Liquid Logic Children’s Services system (assume at one or more local authority)
LIT Local Implementation Team Seems to be a common acronym for national->regional->local projects with CPS/Police/CJS.
LPA Lasting Power of Attorney This isn't usually capitalised, though GOV.UK and OPG do so.
LPT London Probation Trust
LR Licence Recall
LR Licence Revoke
LSA Local Systems Administrator
LSAST Live Services Applications Support Team (also a Prison-NOMIS Dev / Test environment by the same name) This was the Prison-NOMIS Application Support Team's name, and an environment named 'LSAST' was originally built for them, but now it is now also used by NART for dev/test purposes
LSC Legal Services Commision Now the LAA
LSCB Local Safeguarding Children Board
LTD Late Transfer Date for a Detention Training Order
LTHSE Long Term High Security Estates
MAAT Means Assessment Administration Tool Web app used by caseworkers to process legal aid applications for criminal cases.
MaLi Master list of initiatives An MOJ Technology list of all projects and programmes of work across the ministry
MALRAP Multi Agency Lifer Risk Assessment Panel
MAPPA Multi-Agency Public Protection Arrangements
MAPPS Multi-Agency Public Protection Service will replace VISOR. In development from 2021 until approx 2024
MARAC Multi Agency Risk Assessment Conference A local, multi agency victim-focused meeting where information is shared on the highest risk cases of domestic violence and abuse (includes considerations of child protection) between different statutory and voluntary sector agencies
may denotes approval Formal term from UK Government Orange Book: Management of Risk - Principles and Concepts.
MCA Mental Capacity Act
MCOL Money Claim Online Online service to "take court action against someone if they owe you money and won’t pay you back".
MCQ Minor Change Quotation Related to tender documents.
MDS Minimum Data Set
MFD Multifunctional device Printers at MOJ, which can also be used to scan in documents (hence the 'multifunctional' bit).
MHA1983 Mental Health Act 1983
MI Management Information Data or statistics collected and used to measure performance in a business
might denotes a possibility Formal term from UK Government Orange Book: Management of Risk - Principles and Concepts.
MINT Managed INTerconnect Two firewalls that bridge the OMNI and Quantum networks.
MIS Management Information System
MITM Man In The Middle
MLRA Managed Libra Record Access application Web app used by LAA caseworkers to access court information on Libra
MODs Models for Operational Delivery
MOiC Managing Offenders in Custody
MOJ Ministry of Justice Use capitals - 'MOJ', not 'MoJ'.Departments don’t take the definite article, so 'MOJ', not 'the MOJ'.
MOJO Ministry of Justice OFFICIAL End User Compute service developed as a replacement for the QUANTUM end user compute service for HMPS staff.
MOJFIN MoJ Finance Data warehouse the LAA finance team uses
MOSOVO Managing sexual offenders and violent offenders The Sexual or Violent Offender Manager is specially trained in the response to and Management of Sexual or Violent Offenders (MOSOVO) and Active Risk Management (ARMS).
MOU Memorandum Of Understanding
MP Modernisation Platform The Modernisation Platform is a hosting platform where teams can host and modernise applications which are not suitable for Cloud Platform
MPS Moving People Safely
MPSI Ministers, Parliament, Strategy and implementation
MQPL Measuring Quality of Prisoner Life
MTD Mid Transfer Date
MTP Money To Prisoners Currently a working name for a project digitising the process of sending money to UK prisoners.
MTR Legal Aid Means Test Review A proposed change to Legal Aid eligibility rules
MVP Minimum Viable Product
My Detail A system used in prisons to detail staff. Also known as CSR (Corporate Staff Rostering) or InVision WFM
NACRO National Association of Care & Resettlement of Offender A prisoner charity.
NACS Network Access Control Service A centralised in-house built authentication service that provides access to the MoJ network at a device level.
NAO National Audit Office
NAPO National Association of Probation Officers
NART National Applications Reporting Team This team support Reporting from nDelius, OASys and Prison-NOMIS using Business Objects. Answer ad-hoc queries including FOIs, PQs and Research Projects. We're on slack #nart
NCRD Notional Conditional Release Date
NCSC National Cyber Security Centre The National Cyber Security Centre is an organisation of the United Kingdom Government that provides advice and support for the public and private sector in how to avoid computer security threats.
ND nDelius
NDE Non-Directly Employed
nDelius Probation IT System
NDH Nomis Data Hub Term used by HP, which is part of the NOMIS API architecture for Prison Visits Booking
NDPB Non-departmental public body Literally means a bit of government that's not a department - only really used in government circles.
NEET Not in Education, Employment, or Training
NEMC National Executive Management Committee
NEPACS (Formerly) The North East Prison After Care Society A charity working in the north east of England to support prisoners and their families.
NFR Non Functional Requirements
NFR Not For Release
NGSS Next Generation Shared Services
NINO National Insurance number
NISE Network Information Security Enhancement (Project) This aims to migrate intranet applications from the existing environment to a new one for reasons of security.
NMO Non-Molestation Order
NOC Notice of Change (Privately Managed Prisons and CRC)
NOLASA No on Libra Auto Search NOLASA (Not On Libra Auto-Search Application) is a micro-service that reads cases that have been marked as 'not-on-libra' from the MLRA database once a day (8pm). It then auto-searches the HMCTS Libra system via the LAA's Infox message broker service. The message protocol used is SOAP.If NOLASA finds that there are results returned for a case it updates its status in MLRA to say 'RESULTS FOUND'. This means that caseworkers can filter 'not on libra' cases to ones that they know they will have results for. They can then prioritize their case searching and linking more effectively.
Nominals In Police parlance a ‘nominal’ is someone recently arrested. In prisons it is a prisoner suspected (and often under surveillance) of carrying out criminal activity within the prison, such as drug dealing.
NOMIS National Offender Management Information System aka c-nomis or p-nomisSystem designed to replace LIDS that logs details of all prisoners, their sentences, and more.
NOMS Number National Offender Management Service Number Used in Prison-NOMIS as the unique identifier for prisoners. (Note that colloquially it is referred to as both ‘NOMIS ID’ and ‘NOMS ID’ - but in the system it is labelled as ‘NOMS number’. Labelled on the Prison-NOMIS database as OFFENDER_ID_DISPLAY)
NOMS National Offender Management Service Covers prisons and probation
NORB National Operations Readiness Board
NORA Non-ORA Sentence (under 12 months for an offence committed before 01/02/2015)
NPD Non Parole Date
NoS Notice of Supervision Appears to apply to Young Offenders (YO)
NPPV Non-police personnel vetting
NPS National Probation Service Old name for Probation Service (changed June 2021).
NPT National Prosecution Team A joint team of CPS and Association of Chief Police Officers/National Policing Improvement Agency staff. T
NQOS Newly Qualified Officers (Probation)
NSI Non Statutory Intervention
NSVC National Security Vetting Contact Someone within a team or organisation with knowledge of the securty vetting process, and who can help with vetting questions or processes.
NVDA NonVisual Desktop Access Windows screen reader, like JAWS, but free.
NWOW New Ways Of Working
OAS Oracle Analytics Server LAA MI reporting tool. Pulls data from EDW, Mojfin and CLA. OAS is the upgraded version of OBIEE.
OASys Offender Assessment System An offender assessment package. It identifies and classifies offending related needs, such as anger management, drug dependency, and poor literacy.
OAT Operational Acceptance Test
O/C Offence Committed
OBIEE Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition LAA MI reporting tool that was replaced by OAS.
OBN Overseas British Network AKA OBNI
OBP Offender Behaviour Programme
OBR Office for Budget Responsibility "It is the duty of the Office to examine and report on the sustainability of the public finances"
ODI Open Data Institute
offloc Offender Location report The old name for the Common Data Extract.
OGD Other Government Department
OGRS Offender Group Reconviction Scale Actuarial predictor of risk of reoffending
OGSIRO Office of the Government Senior Information Risk Owner SIRO for all of government, based in the cabinet office.
OJC Office for Judicial Complaints Soon to be JCIO
OISG Operational Implementation Support Group
OJEU Official Journal of the European Union The Official Journal of the European Union (the OJ) is the official gazette of record for the European Union (EU). It is published every working day in all of the official languages of the member states.Most interestingly, it's used as a forum to publish procurement requests to all member states, and offers a (longer, slower) alternative to using GCloud.
OLAP Online Analytical Processing
OLASS Offenders' Learning and Skills Service Integrated (prison based) offender education with mainstream academic and vocational provision. OLASS ceased delivery in 2018, and was replaced by something else (can't remember what though, but it essentially devolved a lot of it down to local purchases at governor level)
Oleeo Website Recruitment service used during recruitment of Civil Servants, especially where vetting is required.
OM Offender Manager Probation
OMiC Go A digital solution providing basic prisoner information, auto allocation of prisoners to KW’s This may be an old name for the service
OMiC Offender Management in Custody
OMIS Overseas Market Introduction Service
OMNI Offender Management National Infrastructure A network used to access probation systems
OMPPG Offender Management Public Protection Group
OMS Other MOJ Suppliers
OMU Offender Management Unit Handle sentence calc etc in sites
OOH Out of hours
OPA CCMS's Oracle Policy Automation Rulebase engine
OPD Offender Personality Disorder
OPG Office of the Public Guardian
ORA Offender Rehabilitation Act 2014
ORA2014 Offender Rehabilitation Act 2014
OS Offender Supervisor
OSAG Operational and System Assurance Group
OSG Operational Support Group/Grade “Operational support grades (OSGs) work in prisons carrying out duties essential to the smooth running of the establishment. They may work in and around a prison establishment or on duties which take them outside - to courts or other prisons, for example.”
OSPT Official Solicitor and Public Trustee
OST Operational Security Team
OWASP Open Web Application Security Project
OWB Oracle Warehouse Builder An Oracle Extract Transform Load tool used for some LAA data warehouses
P3T Personnel Physical Procedural Technical The areas of information assurance.
PAC Public Accounts Committee
PACE Police and Criminal Evidence Act 1984
PACE1984 Police and Criminal Evidence Act 1984
PADA Prospective Added Days Awarded Added days that are awarded whilst an offender is unsentenced, but must be added to the release dates when sentenced
PAF Postcode Address File The source of data for postcode lookups. The DSD uses this for its own service which converts it to a latitude/longitude, like on Court Finder and CLA Provider Directory.
PAG (Old Name - See PPAS) Planning and Analysis Group Now known as PPAS (Prison & Probation Analytical Services)
PAMS Prisoner Activity Management System Not much more info on this at the moment - I understand that it is how they manage prisoner activity, work schedules, learning and visit schedules.
Parom 1 Generic Parole Assessment Report
PBR Payment By Results A methodology whereby payments to suppliers are contingent on the independent verification of work they have performed (results)
PCC Police and Crime Commissioner PCCs are elected to make sure that local police meet the needs of the community
PCC(S)A2000 Powers of Criminal Courts (Sentencing) Act 2000
PCSC Police, Crime, Sentencing and Courts Act 2022
PCSCA2022 Police, Crime, Sentencing and Courts Act 2022
PCI Payment Card Industry An industry standards body responsible for regulation of handling debit/credit cards.
PCOL Possession Claim Online
PCUAM Provider Contracts and User Access Management
PCR Pre-sentence report
PCSO Police Community Support Officer
PDB Probation Delivery Board
PDG Prison Directors Group
pdr Matthew Coates mentioned this in Digital Services All-hands meeting.
PDS Public Defence Service
PDU Probation Delivery Unit - previously known as LDU (Local Delivery Unit).
PEA Prisoner Earnings Act
Peakon People Analytics & Employee Engagement Software Similar to the People Survey, but we're polled fortnightly instead of yearly
PECS Prison Escort Custody Service
PED Parole Eligibility Date
PEEPs Personal Emergency Evacuation Plans To help people evacuate the building in the event of a fire alarm or other emergency, especially if they may have difficulty due to a disability, injury, pregnancy, etc.
PER Person Escort Record
PETP Prison Estates Transformation Programme
PEX(ER) Public Expenditure (Efficiency and Reform) Cabinet Sub-committee
PF Petty France Short name for MOJ main building at 102 Petty France, SW1H 9AJ London
PF Policy Framework
PFD President of the Families Division
PFS Prisoner Facing Service A service that is provided to a Prisoner
PGA Prison Governors Association
PGD Prison Group Director
PGP Pretty Good Privacy A way of encrypting emails in such as way that only the intended recipient can read.
Phoenix Phoenix is the central Oracle system used for procurement, finance, and HR… stuff.
PI Probation Instruction
PIA Privacy Impact Assessment
PIMS Provider Interaction Management System
PiP Person in Prison Target Operating Model (TOM) and other Transition documents make reference to this
PIP Personal Independence Payment
PIPES Psychologically Informed Physical Environment Services
PLIC Prison leavers Innovation Challenge It aims to develop innovative new solutions to break the cycle of reoffending
PMO Project Management Office Bit of organisation that sets standards for project management.
PMP Privately Managed Prisons
PMR Performance Management Review Civil Servant performance reviews
PMU Population Management Unit
PMU Prison Management Unit
PNC Police National Computer
PNCiD Police National Computer Id To identify a particular person by the number allocated by police when creating a record on the PNC.
PO Prison Officer
PO Probation Officer Not to be confused with Prison Officer in much OM literature
POA Prison Officer Association
POA Payment on account LAA term for when a provider requests to be paid for part of the work they already carried out, before they submit their final claim/bill
PoC Proof of Concept
POELT Prison Officer Entry Level Training
POLAR Payment of Legal Aid Remuneration Legacy system for recording and tracking all claims received by the National Taxing Team (NTT) as part of assessing Legal Aid claims
POM Prison Offender Manager The new Case Manager/Band 4 Prison Officer
POM Probation Offender Manager Probation Service Role in Prison
PoP Person on Probation Community / Suspended Sentence Order - Target Operating Model (TOM) and other Transition documents make reference to this
POPs Privately Operated Prisons
POS Prison Onsite Support
PPAS Prison & Probation Analytical Services Previously known as PAG (Performance & Analysis Group)
PPCS Public Protection Casework Section
PPD Project & Program Delivery
PPM Project & Program Management
PPO Prisons and Probation Ombudsman
PPU Public Protection Unit
PPUD Public Protection Unit Database Licensing of Prisoners: Manages Recalls and Parole. Prison and Probation can access this system, that is primarily used by a large team (Circa 150 people) in Petty France. This is being replaced but unclear with what and when
PQ Parliamentary Question
PQiP Professional Qualification in Probation
Pre Con Previous Conviction
Precons Pre-convictions These are found on the PNC. A PDF ‘Printout’ of precons for a particular offender is used by court probation officers
PRP Probation Reform Programme A Draft Target Operating Model for the Future of Probation Services in England and Wales
PRRD Post Recall Release Date
PS Police Sergeant
PS Probation Service New name (June 2021) for what was the National Probation Service.
PSD Personal and Social Development Refers to courses such as art courses, which seek to foster PSD
PSE Police Sergeant Employee
PSI Prison Service Instructions Rules, regulations and guidelines by which prisons are run. See also PSO
PSI Public Sector Information Any information (content) whatever its medium (form) – including print, digital or electronic, and sound recordings – produced, held or disseminated by a public sector body is considered public sector information. This includes an enormous range: corporate information such as reports and financial data, codes of practice, public records, statistics, still and moving images, press releases, artefacts, publication schemes, and so on.
PSITA Police Station Immigration Telephone Advice There are 3 different firms. A part of the solicitor role.
PSN Public Services Network The PSN is the government’s high-performance network, which helps public sector organisations work together, reduce duplication and share resources
PSNP PSN for Police PSN + encryption, used by police forces
PSO Prison Service Orders Rules, regulations and guidelines by which prisons are run. These are outlined in Prison Service Instructions (PSIs) and Prison Service Orders (PSOs).
PSO Probation Service Officer
PSP Public Sector Prisons
PSP Public Social Partnership
PSG Policy and Strategy Group
PSS Post Sentence Supervision
PSU Personal Support Unit
PTTP Prison Technology Transformation Programme Laptops, mobile devices, applications, etc. for the whole of HMPPS. Replacement for Quantum. Programme commenced 2020.
PUI CCMS's Provider User Interface Provider facing part of CCMS. It's used by providers to submit, amend and follow up on legal aid applications for civil cases.
PUM Portal User Management Use by LAA Online support team to reset users passwords, unlock their accounts and assign CCLF roles to users.
PVB Prison Visits Bookings
PVO Privileged Visiting Order Extra visiting credit for enhanced prisoners. One or two extra visits per month.
QAT Quality Assurance Testing
QUANTUM Prison Service IT System
R&D Research & Development
R&R Reward & Recognition
RACI Responsible, Accountable, Consulted, Informed "Accountable" is sometimes "Approved"
RAD Rapid Application Development
RADA Restoration of Added Days Awarded
RAG Red, Amber, Green
RAID Risks, Issues, Assumptions and Dependencies
RAR Rehabilitation Activity Requirement
RBAC Role Based Access Control
RBCP Regional Business Change Partner
RC Regional Change Incorrectly entered. Please see RCBP.
RCJ Royal Courts of Justice Contains both the High Court and Courts of Appeal, based on the Stand in London.Definitely *not* like a large County Court!
RDR Resettlement Day Release Relates to RoTL (Release on Temporary Licence) documentation
Resettlement Also known as ‘Throughcare’ Preparing prisoners for release, including issues such as accommodation, benefits, etc
RFS Request for Service A procurement term used in NOMS (elsewhere?), specifically with HP to define new change requests and projects
RIC Remand in custody
RIPA Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act
RM2000 Risk Matrix 2000 A static risk assessment for sex offenders over the age of 18
RMAD Risk Management Accreditation Document See RMADS
RMADS Risk Management and Accreditation Document Set
ROPARPS The Release of Prisoners (Alteration of Relevant Proportion of Sentence) Order 2020
ROPARPS2020 The Release of Prisoners (Alteration of Relevant Proportion of Sentence) Order 2020
ROC Remuneration of Central Fund Costs It is used by a team of LAA caseworkers called 'Criminal cases unit'. They are the ones who assess claim for payments for any type of crime work that sits outside the graduated fee scheme. It's like processing payments for exceptional cases but it doesn't come from the Exception Case Funding scheme (which is only applicable for Civil). Providers claim those payments by emailing an Excel form to the Criminal case unit (there are 8 different forms depending on what's being claimed) who then log the claim into ROC, assess the claim and then send it to SSCL who processes the payment.
ROM Rough Order of Magnitude A crude estimate of the cost of a project. See also SWAG and PIDOOMA.Could also stand for 'read-only memory'.
ROR Resettlement Overnight Release Relates to RoTL (Release on Temporary Licence) documentation
ROSH Risk of Serious Harm
ROTL Release on Temporary Licence
RPD Regional Probation Director
RPA Robotic Process Automation
RPM Royal Prerogative of Mercy
RPTS Residential Property Tribunal Service
RRDS Records Retention and Disposition Schedule
RSR Risk of Serious Recidivism Algorithmic predictor
RTM Requirements Traceability Matrix
RTW Right To Work Evidence that someone is eligible to work lawfully in the UK.
Rx Remand to Custody
S3 Simple Storage Service Amazon's data storage service
SA2020 Sentencing Act 2020
SAQ Self Assessment Questionnaire A form done in a the first couple days of prison by new prisoner
SAR Subject Access Request Similar to an FOI, but for yourself. At the MOJ this is typically used by prisoners or civil servants.
SARA Spousal Assault Risk Assessment
SAV Security Architecture Review A term used by IA (Information Assurance)
SBC Specification, Benchmarking and Costing
SC Security Check Level of Security Clearance
SC2020 Sentencing Code 2020
SCA Start Custody Assessments
SCA2007 Serious Crime Act 2007
SCC Service Civilian Court
SCC Specialist Computer Centres Providers of web hosting
SCH Secure Children's Home A Secure Children's Home is a type of Youth Detention Accommodation and/or Secure Welfare Accommodation that accommodates children and young people between the ages of 10-17.
SCU Separation & Care Unit Also / previously known as the Segregation Unit (Seg)
SCS Senior Civil Servant Someone with a senior post in the Civil Service, for example a Director.
SCSBP Senior Civil Service Business Partner Organisation or individual who assists during recruitment of a Senior Civil Servant.
SDOPC Special Sentence of Detention for Terrorist Offenders of Particular Concern
SDS Safe, Decent & Secure
SDS Standard Determinate Sentence
SDS+ Standard Determinate Sentence Plus (2/3rds release
SED Sentence Expiry Date
Segregation Unit Also known as Seg, Solitary Confinement, SCU & CSC
SEO Search engine optimisation Improving search rankings for your site - for instance by using popular search terms in titles or web copy.
shall denotes a requirement: a mandatory element Formal term from UK Government Orange Book: Management of Risk - Principles and Concepts.
should denotes a recommendation: an advisory element Formal term from UK Government Orange Book: Management of Risk - Principles and Concepts.
SID Self Inflicted Death
SIG Service Integration Group
SIM Service Incident and Management
SIR (Now superseded by IR) Security Information Report Prison. A previous method of reporting intelligence information to the Security department via paper. Now superseded by IR (Intelligence Report) generally submitted electronically via the Mercury system
SIRB Security Information Risk Board
SIRO Senior Information Risk Owner
SIWG Strategy and Implementation Working Group
SLA Service Level Agreement
SLC Student Loans Company
SLED Sentence and Licence Expiry Date
SLM Send legal mail to prisons
SME Small and medium-sized enterprises Can also stand for subject matter expert.
SMOD Subject Matter of Dispute If a legal dispute is about the ownership of an asset, then the value of that asset may be treated differently when calculating eligibility for legal aid for the dispute
SMS (in the Hub) Supplier Management System CWA (Contracted Work and Administration)'s Supplier (Legal Provider) data
SMT Senior Management Team
SNOW Service Now Contraction used by Prison staff
SO Supervising Officer
SOA Service-Oriented Architecture Both a term and a product suite from Oracle, responsible for providing a point of interface for external integrations for CCMS for case creation
SoMo Social Mobility
SOP Single Operating Platform
SOPC Special Custodial Sentence for Certain Offenders of Particular Concern
SoS Secretary of State Referring to the Justice Secretary, the minister who heads up the department.Not to be confused with the Morse code distress signal, SOS.
SPG Strategic Partner Gateway
SPIP Separated Parents Information Program Organises parent meetings with moderator.
SPO Senior Probation Officer
SPOC Single Point Of Contact
SPOF Single Point of Failure Often refers to a single system, machine or person without which/whom a process/system/company will grind to a halt.e.g. a sysadmin who is the only one who knows the password to the mail server, who then gets hit by a bus.
SPR Sentence Planning & Review
SPRM Sentence Plan Review Meeting
SR Service Release Used by nDelius application team to reference releases
SRO Senior Responsible Owner In MOJ, the SRO is a single, senior, accountable figure, representing business needs and decisions. A key feature of good governance for all types of Programmes and Projects, there should be one on each project.
SSC Shared Services Connected Now known as Shared Services Connected Limited (SSCL).
SSCL Shared Services Connected Limited Central government HR/finance management team, based in Newport, Wales. Responsible for management of Phoenix (HR system in a big Oracle DB).
SSCS Social security and child support As in 'Social Security and Child Support Tribunal', which deals with appeals about benefits decisions.
SSG Small Systems Group App making people at ICT
SSOT Single Source Of Truth
SSP Shared Services Programme
STS Serious Terrorism Sentence
SU Service User An offender in probation parlance
SUPS the programming framework used to create a variety of HMCTS systems SUPS comes in different flavours. MCOL is written against SUPS 15, which is implemented in J2EE and the Java Spring framework. PCOL chose to use an older version, SUPS9, which has significant performance issues.SUPS is also sometimes used as shorthand for a contract which has Juror, Familyman and Caseman inside it.
SUS System Usability Scale The System Usability Scale (SUS) provides a “quick and dirty”, reliable tool for measuring the usability. It consists of a 10 item questionnaire with five response options for respondents.
SWAG Scientific, Wild-Ass Guess Rough guess of how much a project will cost. See also ROM and PIDOOMA.
Syscon Software company who provide Prison-NOMIS "Syscon Justice Systems is the world's leading provider of offender management solutions, used by more jails and prisons to manage offenders than any other"
SystmOne Name for the digital Healthcare System used by prison NHS staff Often referred to as System One, but whilst it’s pronounced the same, the e isn’t actually in the name.
TA Technical Architecture
TACT Terrorism ACT ‘TACT Prisoner’
TAD Technical Architecture Document
TAD Tender Assessment Database Used by LAA to record assessment of contract tender responses.
TAFKADSD The Artists Formerly Known as the Digital Services Division Subsequently known as MOJ Digital Services.Currently known as MOJ Digital.
TBD To Be Decided or Defined
TBC To Be Confirmed
TC Therapeutic Community
TCEP Transforming Compliance and Enforcement Project/Programme
TCoP Technology Code of Practice The Technology Code of Practice is a cross-government agreed standard used for the [Cabinet Office spend control](https://www.gov.uk/government/collections/cabinet-office-controls) process and the [Local Digital Declaration](https://www.localdigital.gov.uk/declaration/).
TDiP Transforming Delivery in Prisons
TED Tenders Electronic Daily TED (Tenders Electronic Daily) is the online version of the 'Supplement to the Official Journal of the EU', dedicated to European public procurement.TED provides free access to business opportunities. It is updated 5 times a week with some 1,500 public procurement notices from the European Union, the European Economic Area and beyond.
TERS Tariff Early Removal Scheme
TERSED Tariff Early Removal Scheme Eligibility Date
Throughcare Also known as 'Resettlement' Preparing prisoners for release, including issues such as accommodation, benefits, etc
TIL Today I Learned
tl;dr too long; didn't read Make it snappy!
TLA Three Letter Acronym
tma;dr Too many acronyms; didn't read. One made up especially for the civil service.
TNA The National Archives Can also mean something rude.
ToR Terms of reference Not to be confused with Glastonbury Tor.
TORERA Terrorist Offenders (Restriction of Early Release) Act 2020
TORERA2020 Terrorist Offenders (Restriction of Early Release) Act 2020
TR Transforming Rehabilitation
Traka Traka key systems only allow authorised users to access prison keys, ensuring they remain accounted for at all times.
TSP Thinking Skills Programme An intervention that deals with domestic violence issues
TTG Through The Gate
TTP Technology Transition Programme Replacement for DOM1 and DISC IT programme.Move to MS Asure cloud based service, Office 365.
TUSED Top Up Supervision Expiry Date
TV Tender Verification
TVM Transaction Volume Model
TW3 The Way We Work
UAL Unlawfully At Large
UAT User Acceptance Test
UC Universal Credit
UCPD User Centred Policy Design
UI User Interface
UKTI UK Trade & Investment
UPW UnPaid Work
UX User Experience
VC The Virtual Campus
VCD View Court Data LAA web app for viewing data from HMCTS's "Common Platform"
VIS Victims Information Service
ViSOR Violent and Sex Offender Register ViSOR is a secure national database that can be accessed by the Police, Probation, and Prison services, allowing the three services to work on the same system to help reduce reoffending. This is being replaced by MAPPS (see above)
VLE Virtual Learning Environments
VO Visiting Order Visiting credit for prisoners in the form of a reference number. Usually 2 a month.
VP Vulnerable Prisoner
VPS Virtual Private Server
VPU Vulnerable Prisoner Unit
VSiP Visting someone in prison
VSR Victim Summary Reports
WAIS Wechsler Adult Intelligence Scale Test used for diagnosing learning difficulties and disabilities (LDD)
WAN Wide Area Network
WASI Wechsler Abbreviated Scale of Intelligence Shorter version of WAIS assessment tool
WFH Work From Home
WIS Witness Intermediary Scheme
WLB Work Life Balance
WLMT WorkLoad Measurement Tool
WP360G Citrix Windows 7 environment used by NOMS staff WP360G is the Citrix environment used by NOMS staff to connect to a Windows 7 session from Quantum systems (which run Windows XP).
WTG Web Technology Group Sub-contractor to Logica, they have access to the majority of our DNS zone files (incl. justice.gov.uk) and charge HYUGE amounts for small changes.
WTP Workplace Technology Programme WTP provides a generation of end-user-devices, in use c.2018-2020, by HMPPS office staff. Laptops and O365 & GSuite. They were previously using Quantum devices. WTP will be replaced by PTTP.
XHIBIT Crown Court system of record (IT system) Stands for "Exchanging Hearing Information by Internet Technology". Note that this system is not used by Magistrates Courts
XOD Shift swap, shorthand used in some prisons May have also rendered this as EXOD or X-OD
YCS Youth Custody Service
YJAF Youth Justice Application Framework
YJB Youth Justice Board
YO Young Offender
YOI Young Offender Institution
YOS Youth Offending Service
YOT Youth Offending Team
XHIBIT Exchanging Hearing Information by Internet Technology Case management system used by Crown Courts only to record case details, hearing dates, applicant details etc. Note that this system is not used by Magistrates Courts.
XXCCMS Name of an LAA database schema. According to old rules, XX is the standard prefix for customization in EBS (E-Business Suite)